Are you planning to spend your vacation lazily basking in the sun? Then we are certainly not the ones for you.

We have prepared something special for active travelers, grown-up and small ones. Exciting adventures, fantastic scenery and full-blast health improvement.

Choose the entertainment to your taste, book a comfortable room and hurry up to us with your entire family!

In store for you are:

  • Strikingly beautiful national park with the area of 39,000 ha. A variety of rare plants and a natural habitat of multiple birds and animals. Boundless breathtaking green landscapes. That is worth seeing for oneself!
  • Customer-specific arrangement of recreation in the forest near vivifying mountain streams. Hiking, horse riding and cycling abundant in impressions.
  • Extreme driving in mountains by special off-roaders. Uproarious supply of emotions in a cool mountain safari!
  • Genuine paradise for mushroom gatherers, fanciers of fresh berries and healthy eating enthusiasts. Nowhere else, but in the heart of Carpathians, you will be able to find so many edible riches!
  • Our own unique store of organic products. You will be able to treat both yourself and your children to them.
  • Interesting excursions to the historical monuments and eminent places of the region. Services of a qualified guide.
  • Apitherapy – a sweet way to restore health with honey bee products and even bees themselves.
  • Authentic restaurant of genuine Zakarpattia cuisine, the one you can taste exclusively at our place.
  • Comfortable hotel with sauna and optimal hotel room capacity so that you will be comfortable both in a close family circle and with an entire group. We will be pleased to arrange a transfer to any destination.
4 and 2 beds
delicious transcarpathian cuisine
Additional Services
sauna, excursions, transfer